Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Reminder: submit comments to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) this week if you're a YouTube content creator or have other concerns about COPPA

I have just made a formal comment to the FTC regarding the implementation of its new settlement with YouTube on January 1, 2020 and the potential impact on YouTube creators.  I have a writeup of it here.  You can use this link to make your own comment, not later than Dec. 9, 2019.    
Essentially, I acknowledge that even non-monetized videos indirectly depend on behavioral ads and their visitors could be targeted later with advertising even for visiting me, and that my own videos are normally intended for access through blogs, where the audience is likely to be adult and likely academic or professional.  I use some train videos in a metaphorical manner.
I also suggested that the FTC exempt video channel owners who accept YouTube’s own ratings as MFK or not, and that YouTube consider age-gates.  These may not save the income of many creators with youth-oriented content.
I also suggested that industry consider the idea of router age-gates, which would involve FCC approval (not FTC) and startup development and funding.
There is a discussion of whether YouTube’s restricted mode is an age-gate here. 

Obviously, what would actually work deserves discussion and I expect to find a lot more material on this soon.

John Fish has some programmatic (“lexical”) ideas in this mid 2018 video (well before the settlement) that seem to point to some clues as to how an effective gate might be developed.

I see some videos about the CCPA (California) popping up on YouTube and will look into these soon.

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