Monday, December 23, 2019

New York Times reports major c.p. busts of hosted sites based on the detective work of Canadian non-profits

Gabriel J. X. Dance has a long and detailed and heavily formatted front-page article (“Fighting the Good Fight”) in the New York Times today about hosted sites (as opposed to social media platforms) serving child pornography.  Most of these are hosted overseas, surprisingly in Europe (such as the Netherlands) where everyone thinks censorship and illegal content laws are stricter.

The article makes it appear that Cloudflare hides these sites from law enforcement, a claim that the CEO will surely challenge.

A number of non-profits, formed by victims, have hunted these sites down. Some of the non-profits are in Canada, with one of the largest in Winnipeg, Manitoba (north of Minnesota and socially and culturally similar) and it uses a detection program called Arachnid.

The busts will add to the count of watermarked images that NCMEC can check against.

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