Saturday, July 14, 2018

Police use K9 dogs to look for digitally stored child pornography (NBC story)

Scott MacFarlane et al have a story on NBC Washington about the use of K-9 dogs in police searches of homes or offices to look for child pornography.
The dogs can detect the scent of thumb drives, San disks, and the like, which could be hidden away from possible police searches. 

Of course, people may hide thumb drives or put them in safe deposit boxes as part of completely legitimate home security concerns.
A more important development might be the little reported practice of scanning email attachments (even when someone sends an email to self to move it to a different computer) and even cloud storage for watermarked child porn images matched against law enforcement databases.  This has resulted in spotty arrests (at least one in Houston, one in southern Maryland).
You wonder if this practice could extend to other illegal behavior, like even storying copyrighted images without publishing them.

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