Thursday, July 05, 2018

"Child Limits and the Limits of Censorship" paper by Protasia foundation, urges moderation in platform enforcement of TOS standards

The Protasia foundation has an important article, “Child Protection and the Limits of Censorship”, on medium, by Jeremy Malcolm.

The article discusses the downstream liability issue in general for service platforms, and explains clearly (near the end) why it opposed (Backpage) FOSTA (now under a lawsuit filed June 29 by EFF) as going after parties distant from real sex trafficking.

It discusses Microsoft’s PhotoDNA system, as to its future implementation by platforms to prevent copyright infringement (it mentions the Copyright Directive and Article 13 issue, which thankfully has been tabled for a while this morning) and possible child abuse. It also discusses the problem of image hash lists (or watermarks) at a higher level.

It discusses the termination of user account when users may have inadvertently handled images marked by NCMEC; apparently not all of these are technically illegal under child pornography laws.
It also gives other examples of overzealous enforcement of “grey” areas shutting down many users, such as a case with Wikipedia in Britain

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