Sunday, January 01, 2017

Virginia delegate wants pornography declared a public health problem

A member of the Virginia House of Delegates (Robert Marshall, R-Prince William County) wants to have pornography declared a public health hazard, something akin to cigarette smoking (note the irony, as Philip Morris lies on I-95 just south of Richmond), according to Laura Vozella in the Washington Post December 29, link.

He claims that pornography leads to mistreatment of women, and also to body image disorders (like body dysmorphia), which are surprisingly common even in young men.

Of course, some of this fits into debates in the past over COPA (availability of pornography to children online) and earlier, the CDA.

Utah has already declared a public health crisis over pornography.

The measure would not criminalize anything but consider public health warnings.
Virginia already has a controversy over public school teaching literary classics with sexually explicit or racist passages (like “Huck Finn”).

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