Sunday, December 11, 2016

Russia alleged to have planted c.p. on enemies' home computers (NYT story)

Apparently foreign governments or entities, especially Russia, are willing to hack to plant child pornography on their enemies’ personal computers.  Andrew Higgins has a front page story in the New York Times, “Russia’s foes say child porn is planted to destroy”.
The NYT presents the story of veteran Soviet dissident Valdimir K. Bukovsky, 73, who recently found his home computers seized in Cambridge, England by British police.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Trump's ideas on stopping terror could lead to c.p.-like laws on possessing or even accessing certain websites

The Trump presidency is likely to bring up the issue of web content supporting terrorism or aimed at recruiting teens and young adults to make war-like attacks on American civilians.

Because the terror threats come from foreign sources (which may or may not be state supported, or which may arise from “failed states” unable to control religious extremism), the law could come to treat “possession” of recruitment materials as comparable to other criminal possessions (such as child pornography).  France has already tried to make even accessing a terror recruiting site a crime (like Rumiyah?)

It also brings up censorship and filtering issues like what we saw in the past with CDA and COPA.Like
Likewise, gutting net neutrality could stimulate a new debate on filtering, as telecommunications providers could try to offer “family” access that block many sites or that require whitelisting.