Monday, February 01, 2016

Canada and Australia have very strict laws on artificial c.p.

Kristen V. Brown has a disturbing story on Fusion, “Should this man go to prison for buying a child sex doll?” The case occurred in Canada, as a violation of Law 163.1;  the man was arrested after the item was delivered from Japan even though border agents had seen it.  Canada and Australia have very draconian laws on even simulated child pornography.

The article explains how, in the U.S.,  the Supreme Court overruled the 1996 CPPA and how Congress tried to end-around it in 2002 with the Protect Act.

The article also explains that pedophilia is considered a disorder in the DSM, but language calling it a “sexual orientation” was reversed.

There is real debate as to whether simulated c.p. (dolls) acts like “methadone” and prevents real offenses or makes them more likely, as explained in this Atlantic article by Roc Morin, Jan 11. 2016.

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