Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Many sites require Facebook or other signon to view individual files with adult content; does this raise the issue of user validation again?

I’ve noticed recently that a few sites require the visitor to log in with a Facebook or Google account to view marginally “adult” articles or videos.  YouTube will require this for some adult videos, and expects publishers of adult videos to so mark their content.  And apparently Blogger wants its publishers to avoid embedding content that would require sign-in on public blogs (although it dropped its threatened ban on explicit images last March).  Sometimes YouTube videos get marked as “adult” after being up for some time. 
The capacity for sites to do this does raise the question about the idea of voluntary screening of content, whether by voluntary content labeling (the ICRA idea which has disappeared) or new discussions of user sign-on protocols, which were seen as inadequate in the 2006 COPA trial.  But technology is changing. Could biometric identification protocols come into play?

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