Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Firefox "selective forgetting" or browser history and searches shows concern over prospective monitoring of borderline illegal behavior

There’s a story back in November, 2014 that Mozilla Firefox offers the ability to selectively forget a time range of browsing history.  And a facility called DckGoGo will let users control what Internet searches their browser “remembers”, news story in Linux Insider here
There is certainly more concern that governments could become more aggressive in monitoring not only possible terrorist connections, but also questionable searches that might be on the “borderline” of child pornography, particularly in the context of ephebophilia.   Police do use searches and browser history retrospectively for evidence when there is already probable cause.  The concern is that even companies could decide to “spy” to reduce even suspicious use of their networks, because of eventual growing concerns about downstream liability. This could, as noted before, lead also to scanning cloud accounts.
There was something indeed to Edward Snowden’s concerns. 

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