Thursday, October 16, 2014

Novelist John Grisham stirs controversy by arguing that "old men" who watch c.p. are not a danger to others

Legal thriller fiction author (and Mississippi attorney) John Grisham has a controversial piece ion The Telegraph, “Men who watch child porn are not all pedophiles”, link here. Indeed, consumers are probably easier to apprehend and prosecute than producers (although many are both), and this could get even easier if the government starts going after cloud storage.  Wikipedia claims that the government plants links to c.p. to catch people who will click on them;  there is a danger that someone could get it on a computer from a virus or malware (an idea covered here heavily in July 2013).  True, most men over 60 who look at this probably don’t touch minors themselves, and probably look for fantasy to cover their own physical decay (or “tissue death” as Dr. Phil calls it) that makes them feel ugly and ashamed – the obesity, the loss of muscle, the balding legs, the loss of libido.  Call it the Oscar Wilde syndrome. 
Think Progress responded with an angry reply here (propagated on Facebook).  I get the argument of “demand pull” although I’m not convinced it really works that way.  Oliver North used to say the same thing about cocaine on his radio show in the 1990s.  You could say even that adult porn victimizes women (and some men) and busts marriages – because of demand pull, although adults should defend themselves.  You can take this argument further and object to the idea that some people undermine the ability of others to share common responsibilities (like marriage).  Later Thursday, CNN reported an apology by Grisham (over the "uproar") here

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