Saturday, October 11, 2014

Could Snapchat produce a hidden c.p. risk?

The very existence of third-party apps to save “Snapchat” images. Live SaveSnap, napBpx and SanySpy, undermines the whole concept of Snapchat, security experts say in a story on CNN money today, link here.   And according to the story, “misftis” connected to “4chan” hacked into one of these services and stole 100,000 photos, some of which could contain child pornography or teen porn, the story also reports.   It would be an interesting legal question whether the existence of such an image on snapchat would constitute “possession” if it is supposed to disappear, or for that matter, production and distribution. 
I see little reason to have Snapchat myself.  If I want an interaction with someone, then I usually want it in person, or possibly Skype, even though I realize conceivably they could be recorded or wiretapped (like the movie “The Conversation”).  So can Snapchat.  I can imagine a situation where someone wants to do a negotiation only in a service like this, but it’s unlikely I would ever be interested.  Okay, what if I had no choice?  Play the “what if …” game.  

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