Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Workplace polygraphs enter the "protect children" debate now

CNN, particularly on AC360, reported on arrests of workers who work in theme parks in Florida, including Disney and Universal (Harry Potter), caught in stings set up by police trying to make contact with minors (and sometimes transmitting child pornography).  For the most part, the illegal Internet activity did not happen with work computers or on park grounds.  The AC360 link is here.  What was novel was the idea that Florida state law (or perhaps federal law) should allow the administering of polygraph tests to those who would work with children.  Polygraphs are discredited because of lack of reliability – but there are tests like No Lie MRI.  But the federal government allows – sometimes requires – them for jobs accessing classified information. (This issue was last taken up on the IT jobs blog on June 7, 2009).  

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