Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Snapchat could exacerbate sexting, cyberbullying problems

Snapchat, reported to be used by 80% of teens in some communities, can increase the risks that theens will try cyberbullying and “sexting”, because of the impression that their messages disappear.
Actually, it’s possible for screens to be saved in some cases, and a third party could use another camera up close to record the images. 
Digital Trends reports on the potential risk here, story by Jam Kotenko.
Sophos (a security partner for Webroot) has this article on the problem, (website url) link.

But Noel Baker of the Irish Examiner may have the most detailed story, (website url) here

I would be uncomfortable about sending messages of which I have no record.  I don’t see how this could ever fly in the workplace, to be sure.
Picture:  Because of tracking, the Weather Channel shows me an ad for my own new book! 

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