Thursday, December 05, 2013

UVa dean arrested on c.p. viewing and possession, shows how insidious the problem gets

The Associated Press and Washington television station WJLA report that an associate dean at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville was arrested for viewing child pornography, apparently at least partly from home, between January and October 2013.  It appears that some of the activity occurred through a P2P network. It’s not clear if this was a sting, but the FBI and local or state police departments do set up stings to see who will link on sites they know to be illegal. 
Again, this case heightens the risk to individuals who visit such sites and then rationalize their behavior because nothing seems to happen for months.  They could also incur civil liability to each victim (previous post).  WJLA has the AP story here. A problem that should be explored is whether this happens with other people's WiFi routers.  

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