Monday, November 25, 2013

Microsoft helps law enforcement remove c.p. images from web with new digital watermarking technology

Several major media outlets, especially CNN Money, report an increased effort by Google to remove child pornography from search engine results, and a teaming with Microsoft which will use new digital watermarking technology to tag images and videos so that they are then removed from the web.

The Centers for Missing and Exploited Children in Alexandria does also use this technology to locate offending images, in conjunction with law enforcement.
The CNN story is here
Digital watermarking had been proposed in the past by groups (like ICRA) to rate Internet content for suitability for minors, but that idea has never really caught on, as reported here before.  

Friday, November 01, 2013

ABC Nightline report on teen porn addiction; -- could that bring back a call for COPA-like laws?

Late Halloween night (really, into “All Saints Day”), ABC Nightline presented the issue of teen “porn addiction” that starts on the Internet, and often moves to access through mobile devices.
One problem is that the porn often emphasizes violent or quirky images, that are far removed from the world of “real life relationships”. 
The story is at least relevant to the idea of “protecting” minors. 
Physiological studies show certain areas of the brain being stimulated in visual or behavior addictions.  That’s still not substance addiction.
But reports like this could open up calls for COPA-like laws to be reconsidered in the future.