Monday, October 01, 2012

FTC will invoke stronger rules on data collection from minors

The Federal Trade Commission will be tightening rules on how Internet companies gather data on minors, often without parental permission, the New York Times reported Friday September 28 in a story by Natasha Singer. The title is “U.S. is tightening web privacy rule to shield young; target of data miners; marketers say the rules could reduce sites for children”, link here

That would particularly affect social networks for children.  It would sound as though it could raise questions about how aggressive social networking sites for adults (Facebook) could make sure that persons under 13 don’t get on, or isn’t collected from older kids.

The rules seem to focus on automated apps.

Sites that don’t track visitors directly would not be affected.

I don’t think there would be questions about site analytics (like Urchin or Google Analytics), but shrewd webmasters might be able to gather some information about visitors from these tools, because servicing companies sometimes encourage them to.  

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