Thursday, October 18, 2012

AC360 interviews anonymous Internet troll after Gawker outs him

Tonight, Anderson Cooper's AC360 (and Drew Griffin) show interviewed Redditt troll Michael Brutsch, from Arlington, TX, who got fired from a software company in Fort Worth, TX after his identity (based on the pseudonym “Violent Akers”) was revealed by Gawker. 

The CNN interview link is here;  and the Gawker link is here.  

Some of the activity that he moderated  (including “jailbait”) would seem to border on illegal child pornography, in the female images that had been collected.

In the interview, Brutsch admitted, “Some of these things can be harmful to other people.”  But a year before, Reddit had given him an award.

Now, at 49, he says his life is ruined.  Moderators have “complete control” unless they are reported as violating specific rules.  Brutsch said that he has a gift for “pushing people’s buttons” and making them mad.

Anderson Cooper had reported on his online "character" a year ago without reporting his name.  Now that his identity is unveiled, the gig is up.  

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