Monday, May 07, 2012

ABC Nightline reports on porn addiction with religious teens in the LDS church; filters work

ABC Nightline, on Monday May 7, covered the topic of teenage addiction to pornography, with a Mormon family in Utah and a 17 year old boy who does well in school but hides the “cache”. A course at BYU claims that response a “normal male brain” will always respond to pornography, and self-discipline is necessary to control the issue. 

LDS has various references on the issue, the main one here

The church apparently has developed its own filters for family computers and cell phones.  

As of the time of this post, ABC Nightline had not posted this story online yet on its website (curious, it usually does).  The LDS admitted to ABC that girls also face the issue and it is biologically "normal".  

Pictures:  PSA bulletin board in shopping mall from ad council (pay attention to it if you have kids); interesting "ET" sculpture on Washington DC mall near Hirshhorn.

Update: May 8:

Here is the ABC Nightline clip:
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