Friday, March 23, 2012

Bill would require violent video games to be labeled like tobacco

Here’s the latest flap in comparable areas of content labeling, HR 4204, the Violence in Video Gaming Labeling Act, introduced by Joe Baca and Frank Wolff.  It seems as though gratuitous video games would join the club of cigarette packs.  Legal but bad for you.

The EFF story is here

The govtrack label for the 112th Congress is here

This quite a far cry from the constructive Internet content labeling schemes, that have fallen by the wayside, that we’ve been considering here.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Santorum, despite conservatism, takes moderate positions on Internet censorship and supervision, supports iSafe

Recently (March 5), I reviewed Rick Santorum’s book “It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good” (2005), spurned by the controversy over his social conservatism in the GOP primaries.

Santorum says, with some irony, that we can’t afford a “don’t ask don’t tell” approach (with what he calls “No Fault Freedom”) toward the effect of sexually explicit materials on minors, partly because he believes that will desensitize them toward committed marriages in the future.

He talks about online censorship, but it’s very interesting that he stays in the area of filters for public computers and schools, and supports CIPA, but doesn’t get into the topic of COPA (this blog), or its forerunner the CDA, as overturned by the Supreme Court in 1997.  He doesn’t get much into the “downstream liability” controversy, and in debates he has supported moderate positions on the recent problems with piracy.  That’s a bit of a surprise to me, because the ease of “free entry” itself reduces the perception of many people that they really may need others some day.

On p. 333, he mentions the organization “Isafe”, link here.  ISAFE offers subscriptions to schools.

Isafe should not be confused with the Family Online Safety Institute, FOSI (link).  I still think that a content labeling system that had been developed by a British group named ICRA should be rejuvenated.