Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Nightline segment relates how risque photos in a private cloud account were hacked; another wrinkle for safety of minors online

ABC Nightline tonight (Nov. 9) reported on a young woman affected by having provocative photos taken of herself (whether by a cell phone  with sexting or for a conventional laptop or desktop computer).  This time the complication came from storing the photos on photobucket, with the account then hacked. The photos went viral. But apparently the photos had been stored in an account that the teenager believed was private (she didn't even post them on Facebook).  

The complete story of Angie Varona’s ordeal was told tonight on the late night show on ABC.

Earlier this week, I discussed the advantages of “two-step signin verification” to prevent hacking, as well as the dangers of using the same password on multiple sites, on my Internet Safety blog, embedded in a larger discussion of the safety of depending on the "cloud" for online storage of potentially compromising content.

Cell phone photography and Photobucket of course have many legitimate uses. The problem is that misuse, in combination now with security problems, can lead to enormous consequences. 

Experts in online reputation defense will certain weigh in on this incident. It would be interesting to wonder where any legal liabilities lie. 

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