Monday, September 12, 2011

Northwestern University has a history of CDA, COPA

I found a white paper from Northwestern University dated 2005 (before the COPA trial in 2006) that surveyed the history of the problems of trying to regulate potentially HTM materials on the Internet, from the CDA through COPA, by Steven E. Merlis, linkb (website url) here

The two broad areas of solutions he discusses are filtering, and zoning – the latter would mean setting up tld’s where adult content is encouraged (“.xxx”) or not allowed.  But publishers would not have very good incentives to restrict their tld use according to these guidelines, because of stigma.

He doesn’t discuss the existential “implicit content” problem that has developed along with online reputation issues.

And he doesn’t cover the idea of voluntary content labeling, although the ICRA, probably the most comprehensive system, folded.