Thursday, February 10, 2011

Despite end of ICRA, there are still some other voluntary content labeling systems (like RTA and Safesurf)

The ending of support for the (UK originated) ICRA content rating system was a bit of a blow to the idea of voluntary content classification by webmasters.  It was a very sophisticated system, with many categories, and made heavy use of the “semantic web”.

There are some other systems that may be simpler. There is RTA, “Restricted to Adults” here.  It can label wordpress pages (although apparently not Blogger pages) with a plugin.    Note their progress report link (dating to November 2010).

RTA apparently offers the ability to label selected pages within a site.  But it helps to know PHP and Apache (Unix) or IIS (Windows) server programming, or, particularly Perl script language, if you really have multiple (dozens) of pages with but don’t want all of them.   The trademark slogan is “Adult Entertainment, Adult Responsibility”.

The facility was launched in 2006 by the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP).

There was a Voluntary Content Rating system with Solid Oak Software, but Wikipedia pages for these facilities have been removed, so they seem to have become extinct as well.

There is also an older system called SafeSurf, link here.  It appears that these tags can apply to individual pages. SafeSurf maintains that search engines can use the metatags for “safe mode” search results. 

It’s interesting that Wikipedia entertained its own internal content rating system, but that was dropped.  

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