Monday, August 02, 2010

Internet filtering explained in "baby language"

Here is a little high-level page on a site called “Hub Pages” by “Jlcalzone”, “The Benefits of Internet Filtering”, link here.  Most of the points made here are simple and sound like “common sense”. But one point that is particularly interesting is the giving the parent the ability to block social networking sites altogether. Another is monitoring web-based email sites. Still another is blocking certain games and newbie apps. And still another is that many families have several computers, including one for each teen kid, and one for each spouse; so different levels of access are appropriate on different machines (and mobile devices). The idea that you place a single “family computer” in one public area of the home seems passé.

Keep in mind that ISP’s generally allow multiple screenname logons with different levels of access for each screenname. A few years ago, I experimented with AOL’s, but the “young teen” setting did not block any of my websites, subject of the COPA litigation.

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