Monday, November 09, 2009

Filters could be important to home bases businesses as well as to parents

I found, through Mixx, a website called hubpages that gives some simple arguments for parents to use Internet filters, on a page called “The Benefits of Internet Filtering”. The site has some babytalk and is less esoteric in nature than all the stuff we said three years ago at the COPA trial, but here’s the link.

People with home bases businesses who bring people into the home as contractors or employees who in turn use the Internet (nannies, for example) might want to consider using filters to block objectionable sites. It may in some cases be a good idea, on specific computers available to workers, to block access to personal sites authored by the employer. Various packages allow the parent or business owner to do this, as explained toward the end of this page from Netnanny.

Related to the use of filters and whitelists and blacklists are privacy policies. Webmasters who do not directly collect personal information but who accept advertising should still post privacy policies (and sometimes “business privacy policies” as I discussed May 30, 2009 on my main blog). Netnanny addresses the privacy policy issue, with respect to protecting the information of minors, here.

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