Tuesday, March 03, 2009

W3C works on labeling standards for webmasters; how will blogs work?

The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), which incorporates the Internet Content Ration Association (ICRA) now links to Contentlabel.org, which says that its purpose is “to create, discuss, formalize and promote new codes of conduct.” It promotes the W3C Semantic Web technology called “Resource Descriptor Framework”.

It also says that it plans to develop standards for labeling blogs, including the “Gossip Girl” mobile kind, games, Creative Commons, and e-commerce.

One issue with ICRA is that, before displaying the ICRA seal, the webmaster is supposed to label every file in a domain (and in all related domains) This may prove burdensome for older sites that were developed manually with all links set up manually. It may be much easier for sites for which content is dynamically loaded from databases or is loaded by asp, or is generated in various ways from XML with style sheets.

I’m not sure how this all fits into Blogger and Wordpress, but here is a reference (“Using XSLT and Microsoft's MSXML to integrate an RDF / RSS news feed into a web site”) on how RDF’s work in Blogger (link).

“Perishable Press” has an article on Wordpress RDF codes, here.

And in Quebec, Frederick Giasson offers “Converting your WordPress and Mediawiki data into RDF on-the-fly” link here.

There will be a lot of work in putting these pieces of technology development together to make a useful voluntary labeling standard for bloggers.

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