Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Parental monitoring: Kidzui site may provide a useful tool for parents to lock a kid's computer to specific sites

This morning (June 4), the NBC Today show presented a report on a new kids web service which is supposed to be set up to make it easier for parents to control what their kids may access on the web. The site is called “” ("The Internet for kids"). The parent can install it, free (I’m not sure if its just for Windows) and the site controls what web sites can be visited by the kid on that computer. The sites come from a “white list” made up by a panel of teachers and parents. The site home page has a promotional video with kids that does seem a bit silly. The site appears to be designed to benefit mainly parents of younger (elementary school and earlier) children.

Certainly, any reliable service that makes the job of parental monitoring easier is, given the legal struggles going on, a welcome development.

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