Friday, June 13, 2008

Accountability software would supplement filters

Some companies are offering a supplement or alternative to Internet filters at home, called “accountability software”. This kind of software emails the parent a record of all of the child’s surfing activity. The parent makes an agreement with the child (usually a teen) to perform monitoring and review, in addition to or as a substitute for the usual use of filters. As the teenager gets older and displays more responsibility (and maintains grades in school and has some reasonable level of legitimate “real world” activity) the parent backs off.

It’s also possible for a spouse to install such a package on a computer clandestinely and get emails about a spouse’s website habits, such as addiction to pornography.

In opposing COPA now in the Appeals court (previous post), it sounds like it is possible to strengthen the ACLU's arguments about the general effectiveness of filters, properly used, with mention of the opportunity to use accountability software.

A typical site offering such a product is this. Another site is “Covenant Eyes” (not connecting this morning). That site gave a reference int he comments to the ACLU blog post (given in yesterday's entry on this blog, about the COPA appeal).

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