Friday, December 21, 2007

AOL augments its parental controls application

AOL has been advising subscribers who have screen names set up for minors (AOL has several different age categories) that they should download a package called AOL Parental Control. Any computer on which this application has been installed will require that anyone log on with a password before accessing the Internet on that computer (that anyone includes any adult, if a child has access on that computer.)

With regards to COPA, this is an example of where an ISP can provide controls managed by the parents within a family that are more precise and carefully tailored than those that could have been mandated by any law like COPA.

I received a certified email about this today, since I had set up a "young teen" account to test the effectiveness of their controls during the COPA trial last year.

COPA was struck down as unconstitutional in Philadelphia on March 22, but the DOJ has appealed the decision (see previous entries on this blog).

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