Monday, December 11, 2006

Other laws and bills roam around COPA

There are several other bills to watch, such as S1505, the Internet Safety and Child Protection Act of 2005 (introduced by Senator Blanche Lincoln, D-AR. The bill would require age verification of "adult" websites, prohibit credit card companies from processing transactions without age verification tags, pass a 25% tax on pornographic transactions and establish an "Internet Safety and Child Protection Trust Fund." The Act so far is somewhat nonspecific as to how with would determine what is a pornographic web site in a gray area situation (I hope that does not include this site!!), and enforcement would be left with the Federal Trade Commission. There are troubling concerns that verification schemes could invite identity theft liability problems. The bill is supported by an adovacy organization called "Enough Is Enough."

There are other important bills such as S2426, the Cyber Safety for Kids Act, which would require adult domain names to be identifiable with the Top Level Domain names, and H5319-DOPA. An important law already in force is USC 2257, requiring detailed record keeping of models and actors in websites with visual adult material.

I have details about these (with other links) from my doaskdotell website, at this link.

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