Sunday, July 09, 2006

Introduction to content filters

There is a lot written about content filters offered by major ISPs.
AOL will allow separate levels for different screennames with different passwords on the same master account. Some domains are “blacklisted” for some age categories. For the youngest children, only those domains on a pre-selected “whitelist” can be viewed. For example, when I tried setting up the young teenager account, I found that Yahoo! was blocked but the CNN was allowed. My own domains were allowed when probably they shouldn’t be for some of the age categories. .

Another technique is to use any one of a number of content filters, such as Netnanny, on a kid’s account. Filters work in a similar way with white and black lists, and screen content for inappropriate content. Some filtering companies allow companies to submit themselves to be blacklisted. But tech-saavy kids claim that they get around many of these filters easily.

So filters could function as a kind of software "V-chip" like what is already required for television sets.

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