Friday, July 01, 2016

"Illegal" Twitter followers could pose at least a theoretical risk

Recently I’ve gotten “followed” on Twitter twice (one other time months ago) by female with the word “teen” in the profile name and a nude picture. 

Although a “teen” could be 18 or 19 and therefore any pornographic images could be legal, I blocked both followers.

There is at least a theoretical risk that an illegal image would be left in the account holder’s cache from viewing the profile to block or report the account.

I’ve talked about the possibility of inadvertent reception of illegal images here before (and on the Internet safety blog), especially in July of 2013.  A few states, in the past at least, especially Arizona, have interpreted possession as a “strict liability” offence.  It appears that most states would interpret a matter like this as whether the defendant had made a “good faith” attempt to block the images prospectively once learning of them (Wiki on “strict liability” )  A few states may (like Florida) may have on-the-books rules requiring reporting to law enforcement.

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