Saturday, August 02, 2014

Teen who sexted ordered to stay off social media by judge, but given a chance for dismissal after one year

The 17 year old boy in Manassas VA whom prosecutors pursued aggressively in a sexting case was placed on probation for one year by a Prince William County judge, with the possibility of dismissal of the case after one year. This process is called "deferred adjudication".  It is a legal  procedure, at least in Virginia, that was used for a teacher in a matter ancillary to an incident that I was involved in a substitute teacher in 2005 (see main blog, July 27, 2007)/  

Taking a picture of one’s own parts does not pose the same hazard to others or public that usual production of child pornography would.

However, the teen must do community service and stay off social media completely for one year.  This could have a serious affect in other areas, like college in the future. 
The Washington Post has a story by Tom Jackman here.

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