Thursday, April 03, 2014

Electronic Frontier Foundation educates the public on overzealous implementation of CIPA

Electronic Frontier Foundation is sponsoring a “404 Day” to educate the public on excessive filtering in public libraries under the “Children’s Internet Protection Act” or CIPA.  The link for the story is here.  The “404” error code means that an Internet URL was not found.  (In the mainframe days, a “505” meant no connection to the workplace network!) The "harmful to minors" concept known from COPA figures into the law. 
Public libraries tend to be aggressive with censorship because they fear losing federal funds. 
Actor, voice singer and short film producer Reid Ewing has a satirical 2012 video called “It’s Free” which, in part, makes fun of the way libraries monitor their content, in terms of books actually presented to children.  This was covered on my main “BillBoushka” blog Feb. 23, 2013.  But the video comports well with EFF’s concerns.  

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