Friday, May 03, 2013

"Self-censored" text to my DADT 1997 book restored online (was a COPA issue)

I have finally taken the step to restore a few instances of “coarse language” at a few specific points in the online copy of my 1997 book, “Do Ask Do Tell: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back”, in Chapters 1, 2, and 3, accessible here. I have left the replacement text intact following each instance (1 in Chapter 1, 4 each in 2 and 3) in parentheses, delimited by double "++" signs.  
I had been a plaintiff (sponsored by Electronic Frontier Foundation) in opposing the Child Online Protection Act of 1998 which, after a protracted series of litigation events (and two trips to the Supreme Court) was finally overturned in a “trial on merits” by a federal judge in Philadelphia, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, with the opinion rendered on March 22, 2007 (explained that date on this blog).
I think it is useful to give again the link of my affidavit in the case, as filed (with EFF and the ACLU)  in December, 1998, from Minneapolis where I was living at the time.  Points 18-20 cover the “self-censorship” that I had felt needed to be done at the time in order to be safe under COPA. The link is here

This has become a "forgotten" issue.  But I think it's useful to bring things up to date.  

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