Sunday, February 03, 2013

More on protecting kids and culture wars; Fairfax County VA c.p. case shows kids ignorant of risks

Regarding the “slippery slope” in my previous post here about protecting kids, it seems to me there is a big gap in “culture” regarding Internet freedom between those who have kids and those who don’t.
If you draw analogy (to restricting Internet speech) from the gun control debate, there is a difference.  Many people who want absolutely no government interference with their right to own weapons have large families, tend to live in more rural areas, and tend to believe that they could be on their own defending their families. 
On the other hand, single people (including women alone and gay men) living alone in large cities or suburbs sometimes are also outspoken on their rights to defend themselves (the “pink pistols” argument).
There’s another “disturbing behavior” story from Fairfax County, VA, where some high school boys were arrested at West Springfield High School (where I have subbed before) for getting some underage girls to make sexually explicit tapes for them (WJLA story and video here ).  It does seem that many teenagers don’t fully understand the legal ramifications of the things they do “under age”, as we know from "illegal" cell phone photos.  As Dr. Phil says, teens don't see around corners.  

Petula Dvorak weighs in on this incident saying teen sought "fame", here, in the Washington Post, on February 5.  She cites modern values, "If you aren't important, you aren't alive" and "Normal life is no life at all in today's value system."  How about real skills?  (Piano counts.)  How about others depending on you?
The kids seem to have thought their activity was "consensual". 

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