Monday, April 09, 2012

My novel manuscript has a scary legal scenario

In my novel, in an early chapter, there is an incident where a hacker “hijacks” home users and starts deleting hard drive space and even cloud backups if the user doesn’t “give in” and not only buy fake “anti-virus software” but also download illegal material (c.p.). Then some of the people who have given in (to this “shakedown virus attack”) to save their data get arrested and prosecuted under “absolute liability” laws in some states.  At one point in the novel, a university stops posting its grades online because of fear of the shakedown and displays grades to old-fashioned way, on professors' doors. 

I don’t know that this has really happened, but it’s a scary thought. 

In fact, later Monday, MSNBC published a story about an individual in Indiana running an ISP who had an extortion operation targeting minors, link here

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