Wednesday, January 05, 2011

MouseMail may help parents filter on "family computers"

USA Today, in a front page story (“MouseMail traps kids’ cyberbullies”) by Mark Snider on Jan. 5, reported on a new product called “MouseMail” which allows parents to intercept messages and emails sent to their kids. The kids’ accounts must be added to a family profile on the MouseMail application. The online link on USA Today is (website url) here

Still, the concept seems to be predicated on the idea that parents will set up “family computers” to be used “as families”, which would discourage the independence older kids need for legitimate school-related computer use.

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Anonymous said...

The idea behind mousemail might help parents protect their children, but the product hasn't delivered any of the promised attributes yet. Every time there is a news release or PR posting, the promise is that the product will be available soon, or that it will have major enhancements shortly. To date, all it has is some games anyone can get free from the internet and a very unreliable email system that sometimes, NOT ALL OF THE TIME, cathces a few words here and there. That's like stopping a bullet once in a while with a kevlar vest. Be very careful thinking that this product does anything more then what an involved parent could do setting boundaries for their own children. Good parenting can not be replaced by faulty or over hyped software.