Thursday, January 13, 2011

Overview of parental concerns about child safety on the Internet

I got an email from someone who runs a blog called “Internet Service”, called “10 Reasons why parents need to worry about the Internet”, with the link here.

Okay, it sums up a lot of the dangers we’ve been hearing about for well over a decade; COPA was only a little piece of it. There’s “Chat Roulette”, “digital drugs”, and most of all, the desire for “15 Minutes of Fame” through YouTube, and teens don’t always use good judgment on what they post or on the effect that it has.  I think this could have been a good place to go into the problem of cyberbullying. 

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

MouseMail may help parents filter on "family computers"

USA Today, in a front page story (“MouseMail traps kids’ cyberbullies”) by Mark Snider on Jan. 5, reported on a new product called “MouseMail” which allows parents to intercept messages and emails sent to their kids. The kids’ accounts must be added to a family profile on the MouseMail application. The online link on USA Today is (website url) here

Still, the concept seems to be predicated on the idea that parents will set up “family computers” to be used “as families”, which would discourage the independence older kids need for legitimate school-related computer use.