Thursday, July 01, 2010

Do Blogger and Wordpress widgets for ICRA content rating exist yet?

I have noticed recently that some corporate sites, such as television station WJLA in Washington DC, are stating that they adhere to the ICRA content rating system. (Reminder, the Internet Content Rating Association is now part of the Family Online Safety Institute).

Since I have used Blogger as a repository of most of my new content (especially media reviews) for the past four years, I have wondered whether Blogger and Wordpress have widgets for installing ICRA labels, properly coded and linked, into individual blog posts. ICRA requires that every individual file or posting be labeled before a site can be considered ICRA-certified.

So far, I can’t find any evidence that one can. Here is a discussion from Feb. 2007 on Wordpress about the issue (link).

Blogger seems to have widgets for rating things, but not related to ICRA (link), for example, this link.

Perhaps it would be more logical that a blog be required to have only one rating set in the headers; parents could reasonably expect that all postings in a particular blog remain within certain constraints as to suitability.

Both Wordpress and Blogger allows developers to submit widgets but widgets must work and pass quality assurance standards to remain available.

One can imagine the same question about Myspace blog posts or even Facebook entries and tweets.

The question of rating widgets for blog posts  could become important in the future. Wordpress and Blogger are both very good at labeling and correlating huge volumes of archtypical posts (like movie or book reviews). Even though COPA was struck down in 2007 and the ruling has held, market pressures for rating systems for blogs could grow in the future.

If anyone has news on this matter, please comment.

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