Friday, June 04, 2010

An argument against filters? Just that times change?

Here is an interesting blog entry by Ben Black of “Systems Xpert” on “Ben Eficium” from May 12, 2010, “Why I am against the Internet filter”, link here.

The piece is not organized exactly as a first college freshman English theme. But he does list some points, and argue them. Filters affect Internet performance, he says. True, but so do many things (like P2P). But his main point seems to be that proxies and tunneling services bypass filters so easily that they are ineffective. Governments will censor anyway, he says, and governments are behind the times. A libertarian position; not quite, because filters are supposed to put some controls in private hands.

There was a lot of testimony at the COPA trial in Philadelphia about filters in the fall of 2006 (I was there in person for one day of it). It’s probably becoming less relevant with time.

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