Thursday, May 06, 2010

Some companies "promote" safer cell phone service for minors

I followed up on the visitor’s comment yesterday, and here is the link to the blog on cell phone safety for kids, here.  Note the postings on April 30 and April 2. He mentions a cell phone service for kids here called Kajeet, link.  It says you can decide when the phone can and can’t be used.

It seems as though you would want a phone without a camera.

It seems that my 8800 Blackberry has no camera (and I have some months yet until I can update for reasonable price). Reiters camera phone report writes “RIM says no camera in BlackBerry 8800 is a feature for corporations”. I suspect it would be a good feature for parents. Does President Obama’s Blackberry have a camera, or did the Secret Service opt out on the camera?  (RIN stands for "Research in Motion").

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