Monday, May 03, 2010

MD county considers how to regulate teen cell phone, Internet behavior even off campus

While politicians reconsider the appropriate penalties for “sexting” among teens, police and administrators keep investigating, as in a case in a Montgomery County, MD middle school where supposedly some students tried to “charge” to let others see “illegal” images.

There was a major story Friday April 16 in the Washington Post by Michael Birnbaum, link here .

Administrators ponder the fact that most activity took place off campus but certain has an effect on school grounds. They are starting to hear suggestions, as by a New Jersey principal Kenneth Orsini (my “BillBoushka” blog, April 29) that middle school kids are too young to be allowed to have social networking sites or own cell phones on their own at all.

Parents do have control of what happens physically in their homes; web publishers and game manufacturers, as we know from COPA, do not. But it seems as though parents don’t have time to take control.

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