Thursday, April 01, 2010

Courts, legislators look at "cell phone" problems and teens, may moderate the law

A federal appeals court has ruled that prosecutors in Pennsylvania cannot require minors who took “illegal pictures” of themselves on cell phones to write essays or engage in “compulsory speech” to avoid felony prosecution, according to a story March 17 in the Huffington Post, here here.

Kyra Phillips on CNN interviews a 20 year old, Phillip, in Florida, who has been labeled for life as a “sext offender” for, in a fit of anger, transferring an inappropriate picture of a 16 year old girl friend who had broken up with him.

Kyra also talks about efforts to change the laws, so that these will not be prosecuted as felonies and people will not be registered as s.o.’s. She talked to a Connecticut legislator.

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