Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wisconsin "teen" plea bargains after "sting" on Facebook

The AP and MSNBC report that a Wisconsin teenager (19) has plea bargained after being caught in a bizarre Facebook scheme where he posed as a female to “entice” others to send him inappropriate pictures, after which he could “blackmail” them. Prosecutors were relieved at a plea bargain because they feared having to make the “victims” testify. The scam in some way resembles as law enforcement “sting”, as discussed in prior posts here, and also may invoke the legal notion of “implicit content”, a notion tangential to the 2006 COPA trial. That is, a posting seems to have no legitimate purpose other than to “tempt” others into probably illegal conduct themselves. The details are at this link. This may be the most serious “scam” that I have heard of regarding Facebook misuse to date.

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