Monday, September 21, 2009

HTM comingles with "Harmful to Adults", according to conservative columnist

The Washington Times has a feature on Mondays, “Cultural Challenge of the Week: How to save your family” (as if you had to presume you’re a victim cowering in fear), with Rebecca Hagelin writing, on p A18, “The plague of pornography.”

She decries the voyeuristic fantasy-based interest of “otherwise respectable” businssmen between flights at airports, and then discusses her work at Salvo Magazine (link), and makes the point that young people exposed to porn “have a lack of interest in marriage and in having children of their own,” after talking about viewing people as “objects.” That sounds like she is following on the heels of Wetzstein’s recent column discussion the recent Allan Carlson book “The Natural Family: A Manifesto.”

The Washington Times link is here.
Hagelin also gives a “victims” link here.

She seems to be as concerned as adults as children (the old HTM issue), although its odd that she makes a comment (taken or read literally, as an “Aspie” like me would) that children don’t become interesting in marriage – literally, should they?

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