Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two teens in VA charged in cell phone "sexting" case; serious risks in use of technology

Two students (ages 15 and 18) in Spottsylvania County VA have been charged with asking underage girls to take pictures of themselves, and then of “sexting” the pictures to their friends. They have been charged with possessing and distributing child pornography.

As noted before, this is a case where the law can come down suddenly when technology is used in an asymmetric way.

Already, teens have been convicted of this events and forced to register for years, although usually they do not get jail time. But the registries do not separate them from violent offenders.

The county sheriff warned that parents must learn to become diligent in how their kids use technology.

Police are looking for other teens who participated and may make more arrests, according to local news sources. It is likely that many of those involved in possessing and sending messages are of minor age themselves. Advice: don't do it!

The news story by Ellen Blitz appears in the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star, here.

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