Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Supreme Court lets COPA ruling stand without review

The ACLU has announced that the Supreme Court has declined to review Judge Reed’s 2007 opinion striking down The Child Online Protection Act of 1998 (COPA) (and the Third Circuit’s concurring opinion last July). Here is the Press Release, dated Jan 21, 2009, “Supreme Court Refuses to Revive Online Censorship Law”, here. The ACLU email calls this “an amazing result.”

The ACLU has a 3-minute YouTube video on COPA "Protecting Children and Free Speech Online", here.

Patricia Neal Warren (Wildcat Press and “The Front Runner” classic lgbt novel) wrote today in an email “And yes, we won't be surprised to see another monstrosity of a new bill show up.” But that can be true in a lot of other areas (maybe something like mandatory insurance).

Lee Tien of Electronic Frontier Foundation has an article, Jan. 21, 2009, "After 10 Years, an Infamous Internet-Censorship Act is Finally Dead," link here.

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