Friday, January 18, 2008

S 1086 would combine COPA with content labeling, but run by the government!

Parties concerned about the appeal of COPA should also track some new proposed legislation introduced in April 2007. It would be the Cyber Safety for Kids Act of 2007, S. 1086, introduced by Senator Max Baucus (D-MT).

I have a Wordpress blog entry giving more facts here.

The bill uses the same concept of “harmful to minors” as did COPA. It would apparently require owners of commercial websites to shield material behind adult-id mechanisms, an HTM-free introductory page, and use of a content label to be administered by NTIA. The webmaster would also have to communicate with ICANN. It is not clear whether NTIA would work with companies or organizations with already developed content-labeling systems, including ICRA, Safesurf, and even AOL and Microsoft. Most reasonable people believe that private industry should develop and administer the means to do something like this. It is not clear if pages containing HTM content would have to be hidden from search engine robots so that the visitor would have to go through a warning introductory page.

Obviously, this bill will raise many troubling questions already familiar with COPA.

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