Thursday, November 09, 2006

My ICRA label looks like this

Just for the record, I ran the ICRA label test on my domain The test worked, and here is what it returned:
This site gets a green light!

As far as we can tell, everything on this page is fully labelled.
green light

* No nudity
* Sexual material may be, but is not known to be, present
* No violence
* Mild expletives
* Content that creates feelings of fear, intimidation, horror, or psychological terror
* No user-generated content
* This material appears in an artistic context
* This material appears in an educational context
* This material appears in a news context

The label declares that it was issued on 2006-1-9

Now I can't legally put the ICRA label on my site because ALL files on a site have to be individually labeled. This is difficult with older sites and particularly sites that aren't generated dynamically, but that a lot of static files (I have over 900 files). Furthermore, I don't have a way to label my PDF files yet (including the screenplays generated from FINAL DRAFT). There are ways to watermark the image files (JPG's and presumably the MPG movie segments).

None of the image files on my domains have any nudity or explicit content. Many of the pictures are similar to what you can see on this blog. I have noticed that about once a month all of the MPG's are accessed 5 to 7 times a piece (with page requests) and maybe they are being checked for the COPA trial.

The URL with ICRA's information on labels is here.

The blog entries that follow this one are about the COPA trial, and they go back into October. I encourage the visitor to check the archives on the left side, for October particularly.

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