Saturday, September 19, 2020

Even "competitive cheerleading" has an offender problem (with women)


I wasn’t aware of a world of “competitive cheerleading”, the USASF, but the group which monitors conduct of its members has overlooked 76 convicted sex offenders, a report in USA Today maintains. 

The blacklist, which has existed for maybe 3 decades now, really shows how lives can be ruined quickly.  But these apparently weren’t sacked completely enough.

Saturday, September 05, 2020

A few "words to the wise", over several years


Here is a rather sobering article about how the FBI can “get around” TOR and plant, with warrants, malware to detect home users of child pornography.  The article goes back to January 2016, by Ellen Nakashima. 

There was a case in Georgia in April when a public school system’s Zoom call system (for virtual learning due to the pandemic) was hacked with child pornography, story on Fox5 in Atlanta.  

There was a case in South Carolina, in 2015 (apparently) where are soldier (tried under the UCMJ) was looking for adult pornography and downloaded folders that incidentally included some samples of c.p. which he “should have suspected” would be there, Sumter SC news story.   

At least one children’s hospital was hacked briefly in 2014 with c.p. images (Twitter story in Aug 2020). 

So this stuff still happens, and the pandemic could incentivize some of it.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Billionaire in S.D. was investigated for c.p. possession, but why?

 Beaver Creek Bridge in Wind Cave National Park

 There is a disturbing report that the “richest man in South Dakota”, banker and philanthropist (including children’s charities), was under investigation by the state for possession of child pornography. No charges have been filed, but the United States Department of Justice may investigate further. Propublica has a story. What is disturbing is the lack of detail as to what led to the suspicion (other than some very superficial observations about behaviors).

Argus Leader says that an “electronic device” owner by the man has been under suspicion.  It would be possible to wonder if hacking could have occurred. 

Embedded picture from Wikipedia, bridge in Wind Cave National Park, click for attribution.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Major guide for child Internet safety updated and published


I got an email about a posting on my main blog Oct 3, 2010 on child Internet safety, about a suggested link. I added it as a comment there, but I thought it should have a posting on this blog.

It comes from Nicole Frank of Online Safety Masters, and she describes an “awesome guide” for protecting children online even now, with 10 more years of social media (and Russia and Trump).

It is called "The Ultimate Parent Guide for Protecting Your Child on the Internet" (updated Aug 2020), or "How to Keep Your Kid Safe". 

The author of the guide is Ariel Hochstadt.

It talks about addition topics like smart TV’s, and does discuss the old COPA issue of filters.

It also covers topics like gaming, bullying and screen time.  It is quite well illustrated.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Odd site reported in Ohio creates controversy as Facebook doesn't take its page down despite FOSTA

There is a rather disturbing story about a Facebook page called “Cute Boys” which would appear connected to stuff that is rather illegal (FOSTA. Etc).  Ross Madison writes for the Scioto County Daily News.

A Facebook friend (conservative) tried to report it and was told she should just block it.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Major bust of MS13 for trafficking said to provide safety for lawful immigrants in DMV

The US Department of Justice has announced arrest and charges of 11 MS-13 gang members for abduction, prostitution and trafficking of 13-year-old girl, as in a WUS9 story.   WJLA also reported it tonight.
The US Attorney in the Alexandria courthouse said that the group posed an existential danger to other lawful immigrants living in northern Virginia and that the action as definitely pro-immigrant. It was not reported if FOSTA is involved (good chance it is).

Monday, July 27, 2020

Bizarre MD murder case(s) from 2008 show how c.p. can be connected to national security threats

I just wanted to cite a couple of links about some unsolved crimes in the past and let the visitor draw their own conclusion.

Murderpedia has a writeup of Jason Thomas Scott, who terrorized mainly Prince Georges County MD (maybe other locations) from (probably) 2007 until 2009, and now serves a 100+ year sentence. He had at least one accomplice.  He seemed to be particularly cunning for the sake of pure deliberate evil. And among other things he did child pornography. (There is a blog post of a Dateline episode about him on Jan 24, 2015 on the TV blog).

The other case is a pair of bizarre unsolved murders of national security technicians, Kanika Powell and Sean Green, in Aug. 2008 and Nov. 2008,  There are a lot of disturbing details in True Noir and True Crime Daily, with conceivable links, if you follow them, to North Korea (more than a decade ago), with perhaps sinister implications. It’s speculative but it is still puzzling that neither ABC 20-20 nor NBC Dateline or CBS 48 Hours has done a full investigation on this one.  There existed a nonsense blog with jibberish about Powell that I stumbled across in early September 2008 (before the financial crisis, if that matters), and it was still up after Obama's election in November, even though Google was generally removing stuff like that then.  It's probably not there now. But that was indeed odd. 

So sometimes “bad associations” really can matter.